Multi Sensory Room Equipment

My discovery – how I came about Sensory Rooms and Designing them.

Sensory Rooms & Sensory Room Equipment are a great way for children/adults with special needs and children/adults in need of additional supports to express themselves through sensory integration and explore their sensory needs.

Adam has sensory overload from time to time so I started to design a Sensory Room for him

It involved some study into the different aspects of Sensory Integration that Adam needed. I needed a room that would calm him when he felt stressed, but also that I could use to engage with him and use to exercise.

Adam needed a place of his own, where he felt a sense of comfort and ownership. I always found that his time in his sensory room with his sensory room equipment was the best time to get through to him. Adam needed a place of his own, where he felt a sense of comfort and ownership. I always found that his time in his sensory room was the best time to get through to him.


I got a Bubble tube and put it in the corner, it looked fantastic but I still was missing something so I made a plinth to put the bubble tube in and covered in vinyl with a foam base so comfy to sit on for Adam to sit up onto it.  I added some mirrors behind it and some wall panels to go on each side.

I made the Padded Wall Panels from foam and Vinyl in colours that I felt Adam liked and would help his mood just straightforward panels as I felt that different shapes would be distracting for him, the Vinyl is anti-bacterial and really easy to clean, I also did this on the floors as I needed somewhere soft for him to relax on.

Adam loves colours and music he really responds to it so I connected the projector to a sound surround system, I found Adam built up a collection of music after a period of time that he loves to relax to.

Accompanied with the projector and music I found at times certain mood settings would stimulate his echolalia., I’d sit there listing to him rambling and repeating what people were saying just having the crack, I’d find myself rolling around laughing and enjoying the words as he is non-verbal, to sit there listening to his story is a great inspiration to me to design rooms in homes, schools, hospitals etc. around Ireland.


Sensory needs can be explored through Touch, Visual, Smell, Hearing, Balance.

Here is a list of products that can be integrated into your sensory room

> Bubble Tubes

> Bubble Wall Panels

> Curved Bubble Tube Platforms
which can have Mirrors attached

> Fibre Optics

> Soft Wall Padding

> Soft Floor Padding

> Surround Sound Systems

> Projectors

> Interactive Projectors

> Infinity Tunnels

> Interactive Panels

> Star Ceiling

> Mirror Ball

> Bumpas  Panels – with Sound and Vibrations

> Tactile Panels

> UV Panels

> Aroma System

> 8 Way Controllers – this can control certain items in the room to interact together